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The King of Hoes

The King of Hoes is the story of Maury King who is an ex-con that turns his life around and starts a business selling garden hoes and party supplies in the small town of Powder Rock. He calls his business “The House of Hoes”. The story begins as Maury King meets Kelly Houston, a young radio reporter who is assigned to do the King’s infomercials.

The story is a 70-episode comedy series with romantic and dramatic moments as the King and Kelly interact with all the offbeat characters that live in Powder Rock.

“Live at the Hoe House” is the first of the series and is a 2-cd mixture of comic episodes and wacky radio commercials. The King of Hoes is a comedy radio play with plenty of sexual innuendo but no coarse language or profanity.

The play stars Blu Mankuma as Maury King, Hunter Phoenix as Kelly Houston and co-stars Dee Jay Jackson as Flagpole Freddy.