Bar Trek 2 – The Anannaki

Bar Trek 2 ( The Anannaki ) is the sequel to Bar Trek 1 ( The First Voyage ) which is a spoof of Star Trek .

Captain James Jerk ( pronounced Herk because his father was Mexican ) is the Captain of the “Bar Ship Super Size “ who’s 5 year mission is to seek out Alien Life Forms from other Galaxies and to sell doubles in their various Bars at the same price as singles . The crew of the Bar Ship Super Size includes “Bone “ the ships’ Doctor who is a handsome man with an insatiable appetite for women ,”Snotty” , the ships’ Engineer who has a bit of a substance abuse problem, “Screw Loose “ who is head of Security ‘ Lt. You Whore You ( the Captains pronunciation ) ,who is the ships’ Communication Officer, Miss Spork ( “Sporky” ) who is a half Vulcan and half Human woman who is the ships’ Science Officer ( a very intelligent woman who has a healthy & practical appetite for men ) “ Rodrigo”, the ships Janitor who can trade verbal shots with the Captain as well as he handles a broom and a dust pan, “Verify”, the ships’ Computer who is in Love with the Captain, as well as Borgs ( Alura, Reflexion And Phyliss Dildo ) who work in the Star light Lounge which is one the many Bars on the ship.

The plot begins with Aliens Infiltrating the ship and trying to assassinate the Captain while he and “Bone are enjoying some leisure time on The Fantasy Deck. Other sub-plots involve Artificial Intelligence , Virtual and Real Love affairs between Computers , Borgs and Humans and the discovery that the Mythical Anannaki are real and still exist . The story has lots of Laughs, good fun, plenty of innuendo and thoughts to ponder with regard to the future of Artificial Intelligence . We hope you enjoy Bar Trek 2 as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

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